Conductive PE Foam Exporter

Conductive PE Foam Exporter
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CYG Tefa Co.,Ltd is one of the leading China conductive pe foam exporter manufacturers and suppliers, welcome to wholesale conductive pe foam exporter products from us.

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Place of Origin: Guangdong, China (Mainland)

Brand Name: CYG

Model Number: CYG

Material: PE

Thickness: 15mm

Size: 35*2*15mm

Color: Black

Apearance: Two skin sides

Packaging & Delivery

Packaging Details:Conventional packaging or packing according to customers' requests
Delivery Detail:15~20 days after order confirmation

Black Conductive Foam tray Manufacturer

The IXPE conductive foam is produced by compounding PE with some special padding and 

foaming agent, then crosslinked by foaming. It is a hi-tech ESD product which has very good 

anti-static property. It is an ideal packing material for optoelectronic devices, integrated circuit, 

printed circuit board, communications, military products etc.

Conductive Foam tray

Conductive Foam  packing tray is used for packing or conveying of high-end components, 

integrated circuit and printed circuit board. 

Conductive Foam  turnover tray is used for IC products for packing or shipment.

Conductive Foam  blister tray with fine appearance, is used for packing and conveying of 

communications or military products in the workshop or shipment.


1. Permanently anti-static;

2. Friendly environmentally, non-toxic, no odor;

3. Good performance, can be processed to various shapes by customer's requirements. 

   ItemUnitData for CEPData for DEP
Surface resistivity Ω/square103_106106_1010 
Volume resistivity Ω.cm103_106106_1010 
Tensile strength MPa>0.5>0.5
Elongation %>150>150
Tearing Stength N/mm>1.2>1.2
Color BlackBlack
Electrostatic Attenuating time S<0.5<5.0
Abrasive Potential V<100<100


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